Fall and Halloween Update

Hi Neighbors and Welcome to Fall!
It has been awhile and for that I apologize. I won’t bore you with the details, but it’s been a busy season for us at home. I’ve tried to get a gazette out many times but the reality is the time to create, edit, print and distribute has gotten away from me so I am hoping an email for now will provide necessary updates.  Please share these updates with any neighbors you have that may not have email. I’d greatly appreciate it!
Just around the corner is Trick or Treat. Sunday, October 27th from 1-3pm are the Vernon hours we will once again follow.  Weather permitting, we will carry on Fall Fest in the park after.  I’d like to start
at 4pm to give time for us to set up and be ready instead of rushing since we will be out with our kiddos from 1-3. Below are the details:
Sunday October 27th Itinerary:
1-3pm—> Trick or Treat. ***please have your porch light on if you will be participating in handing out candy. Also, please encourage your children to refrain from visiting homes with lights off. This will help respect any homes that choose to not participate 
4pm-7pm —> Park gathering.  As of right now, the following is planned:
food. We will supply hot dogs and brats. Please bring a dish to allow for a large spread of food. (Appetizers, veggies, fruits, chips, dessert, etc). Also please bring your own drinks
Bounce house
Tractor rides 
Halloween movie.  The movie is TBD but we will be utilizing our new movie screen that was purchased through fundraising for our first movie night!  If anyone can volunteer to bring popcorn let me know. I do have small popcorn buckets we can use.  The screen was tested today (picture attached) and is ready to go!
Kids craft for all ages
If anyone has access to hay bales or pumpkins of any size please let me know!  I’d love to utilize those as well but do not feel we should purchase with association money
Small Business Showcase.  If you or someone you know would like to have a table for their small business please let me know. I’d love to showcase this and can make tables available. So far we have 1 participant!  
7pm—>> We will prepare to set up for the Packer Game!  This will be played on the big screen. 
Please bring extra lawn chairs or blankets if you can. Based on the last event and the great turnout, I hope for the same. It’s always great to have a reason to get together and this day is looking like a good one!  It will be a long day for the kids, so I hope the breakdown of time helps if they need a break. Also, if anyone would like to add anything to the agenda I’m happy to do so. Final reminder, all events are open for family and friends to accompany you. Don’t hesitate to invite them down to join in on the festivities. If the weather is not cooperating, I will send an email by 3:30pm if we will go on with the event. I will only send this if there is rain coming through or something indicating a possible cancellation. If the weather is good, it’s on!
Few more miscellaneous items:
I could really use volunteers to make the above successful. Please let me know if you can help in anyway and in what capacity. 
We are working on cleaning up the remainder of the tree that went down with the recent storms (thank you to those who took care of the heaviest and most difficult part!). However, the park still needs some work. I’d like to arrange a park clean up Saturday, October 26th and time can be based on what works for volunteers. The work is minor but there are many small sticks to rake and random touch ups needed for Sunday as well as to be ready for the new seasons approaching.  Please email me if you can help. Unfortunately we are not available that day, but I’d be happy to put together a wish list of items to complete, assign a lead and promise to go easy!
—> Clarendon is currently collecting plastic bags with a goal of reaching 500 pounds worth. Attached are the details. If you are willing to save these items please do so and let me know. I’ll have a bin out for them on the 27th but can also stop by another day to pick them up from you. 
—> The annual meeting in March will come quickly. We are in need of new Board Members to be elected at the meeting. Please consider this opportunity. With Elite managing our finances, the work needed help with is communication and event based. This is a commitment, but we can discuss up front what you can and cannot commit to, to ensure you are aligned from the start and I can respect the time you have to invest.  Next year will be busy for our family as our kids get heavier into sports, so I appreciate any consideration here. 
Does anyone have a spare grill cover we can use for our new grill to keep it from rusting?
Thank you all!!!
Stacie Manna, President

Hidden Lakes Community Association Board

News Update and National Night out


I hope you all received the updated gazette and found the information beneficial. Though it takes time to distribute and therefore can only be quarterly, I believe they are needed especially to ensure anyone not on email is kept up to date. You may find some information there repetitive for that reason. Attached is a copy in case you still need one
As you hopefully know by now, Today (Wednesday) we are hosting some very special guests for our version of National Night Out (Hidden Lakes Neighborhood Night Out).  This is an important event that hits home for me and I wholeheartedly believe there is value to it for our children, ourselves as well as our guests we invite in to spend time with us. I will say it was easy getting the local agencies to say yes to participating. They remember us, our neighborhood and our people and that speaks volumes to our community!  This is for all ages and guests are welcome to join you!
The event starts at 6pm at the park. Below is a breakdown of what we have planned:
—> First Hidden Lakes debut of the Sheriffs dept Bearcat (this is their armored truck- how cool!- picture I have from visiting the station a few months ago attached for reference)
—> Vernon Fire Dept
—> DPW dump truck
—> bounce house (sorry, kids only ๐Ÿ˜‡)
—> hot dogs (cooked on our new charcoal grill), chips and juice meals for $3 cash (please try to bring dollars to reduce need for change). All proceeds will be donated back to the association park and activities fund!
—> Beach open for swimming (parents can determine based on weather and ability to supervise)
—> 2 young lady entrepreneurs selling baked goods to get their idea for their very own baking business up and running.  
—> Good company. Friends and family are welcome!
—> Our little free library could use some restocking. Please consider bringing down some books!
—> Joe Schaub will have local ADRC resource information on hand for anyone interested
The parking lot will be closed off to make space for our guests so please plan accordingly and walk down if possible or park on the street. The guests will arrive between 6&630. In addition, please consider bringing cards, pictures, etc that we can send back with our guests to their designated stations to show our support and appreciation. Anything is welcome!
A few more updates while I have your attention:
Please expect an update in the next week on our lake treatment plans and preparing for next season. So far things have been running very smoothly and we are excited to plan out a full season in advance for next year to continue to see the improvement of the quality of the lakes!  I have been reviewing where our lake costs are invested compared to the needs to ensure we are properly planning as well as investing what we have budgeted for the lakes.  This is an important detail I plan to share results out about at the next annual meeting.  In the meantime, I will be transparent on our approach and thoughts along the way as much as I possibly can.
Lastly- the soccer goals have been moved to the location we discussed at the annual meeting. However, after some very helpful and appreciated feedback received, we have deemed these goals as not safe to keep in use and are working on taking them down. Please do not attempt to use them and stay clear of them for safety purposes. We plan to purchase new goals next year that meet current safety measures and criteria to keep everyone’s safety a priority.  If you have the means of helping to disassemble and take out the goals let me know as we could use the help.
Our last project for the year of painting the park benches, shelter and park sign post will be completed within the next 2 weeks!  I am happy to report as it stands today we have completed all of our projects within budget thanks to the donations and volunteered time to make this possible.  It is amazing that $3,000 made the impact it did.  Had we not had donations and volunteers, our costs would have easily reached $5,000.
If you are planning or considering selling your home, please dont hesitate to contact me ahead of listing.  I have a few families I know of personally that are interested in purchasing a home in Hidden Lakes and can help make the connection to save you on realtor costs and bring some great new neighbors into the subdivision.  I am happy to assist here in any way possible and can always send out an email on your behalf with information in advance as well to try to make it as easy as possible for you.  As a sidenote, I do get inquiries from realtors and potential buyers once homes are listed and do everything I can to respond and showcase all of the reasons why a Hidden Lakes home is a great investment.  
The monthly financials are posted on the website under HOA info.  I love getting these each month and hope you find value in seeing each month real time in place of a full report at the annual meeting.  If you believe information would be helpful to add that is not on there, just let me know as we can tweak this however needed to ensure full understanding and transparency.
Please let me know if you have any questions. This event success for tomorrow is based on participation so I hope to see as many people stop down as possible for as little or as long as you’d like. We appreciate your support and look forward to a fun filled evening!
Take care,
Stacie Manna, President

Hidden Lakes Community Association Board
P. O. Box 386
Mukwonago,WI  53149



News Update

Hi Everyone,

This summer is getting away from me!  I hope you all have had time to enjoy it so far with what is most important to you.  The warmer weather and sunshine certainly helps!

I have been attempting to work on an updated Gazette and my time to do so recently has been minimal.  However, I still wanted to send out a few updates to not miss any important details.
  • Party on Saturday- We have unfortunately had many conflicts with the date to make the kids parade happen, so I have decided to cancel the parade solely due to the inability for many to attend.  However, I have heard some people were planning to attend after, so we are going to carry on with the gathering around 5:30-6:00ish.  The hope is to grill out and enjoy some snacks and just relax!  This will still be kid friendly, so stop down whether it be for a short amount of time or to hang out all night!  No fireworks will be had, but feel free to bring any yard games you may have or any other ideas.  Also, please bring your own beverages.  It would also be helpful to know if you plan to come so we have an idea on how much is needed for grilling.  
  • Park projects are wrapping up!  It has been amazing seeing how much use is being had by the park and beach this year.  It definitely took an overhaul and I cant take the credit- we have had a few people who have really taken the lead on the labor part of the process.  Hopefully after this year the focus can be on upkeep and the continued care for the area like we have seen this year.  Final projects include:
    • Install new park sign- done tonight, see picture!  Painting coming soon.
    • Move soccer goals forward for more use and visibility- done tonight, working on obtaining soccer goal nets
    • Installation of XL Park Grill (donated-thank you!)
    • Cementing in the post of the library- currently taken apart but finishing up
    • Installing beach umbrella (donated- thank you!)
    • Painting of the sign posts, benches and shelter is in the works.  The lockbox will come down and the posts will be finished for a new, updated look.
    • Installation of designated fishing and swimming area signs
      • Sidenote- if you are fishing and swimmers join, please be mindful and make room for both to participate.  I have heard of a few families that went down to swim and were unable to due to fishing.  I know with the great people we have here if we are all mindful of it, it can work for both sides
In addition to the projects being completed, Elite has also been a great partner and has sent over to me the financial recaps for May and June.  I have not had a chance to review them this week, but once I can, I will email out the statement as well as have it posted to the website.  It is really great having this visibility in order to prevent any surprises down the line with expenses.  Overall, I believe we are in good shape but will always review and provide any necessary call outs or clarity prior to sending, but you are always welcome to ask questions as well!  

Final notices will be sent out very soon for any homes that have not paid their balance in full.  Please remember that Elite is fully managing the financials and will be consistent on their follow up and fees/liens should payments be outstanding.  Should you need to discuss your payment, reaching out to them directly is preferred as they fully manage this aspect and will need the communication.  Our property manager information is below for anyone that may need it:

Beckie Jornlin

Association Manager

Elite Properties, Inc.

(262) 373-1777 x232

If anyone will have time over the next week or two to distribute the gazette once I have it ready, that would be very helpful!  

Lastly, I am aware that there has been an increased presence by the Waukesha County Sheriff's Department in the subdivision and have had a few concerns come up from residents wondering if there is something to be worried about.  This was not prompted by the board but I want you all to know that I do not have cause for concern and in speaking with them, they have been more present to address items on their own that they have determined (driving of course always being one of them).  Recognizing I do not know everything that may be on their radar, I wanted to at least share that I will always send out a notice if there is something going on that we are aware of and that you should take precautions for.  We have a great relationship with the Sheriff's Dept so I'd like to make sure that you are not alarmed, but more so appreciative that they are so present in our community and give a reminder that a quick thank you as a token of appreciation goes a long way!

Thank you all!

Stacie Manna, President

Hidden Lakes Community Association Board
P. O. Box 386
Mukwonago,WI  53149

Hidden Lakes Update

Hidden Lakes Association

AttachmentsWed, May 15, 11:31 PM (9 hours ago)
It is time for an update!  The past few weeks have been busy as we are ending the school year and preparing for summer but also planning out the timeline for our park and improvements. 

Over the next few weeks, the focus will be on cleaning out previous materials that will be replaced and installing the new items such traffic bond for the parking lot and a final clean up of the beach to lay the new sand.  I am excited to share that new mulch was laid tonight in the playground area.  We opted to go with rubber mulch this year to have a bigger return on the investment since this lasts for many years.  Before and after pictures attached!

Please bear with us as we work on these projects. If you visit the park and something appears to be half done or a bit messy, it’s only temporary and is a sign we are between projects. Rest assured, this will not impact the ability to use the park. It is solely a heads up in case something appears messy at the time you are there.  On that note, the park is reserved this Saturday from 11-4pm for a resident event as well as May 27th from 10am-7pm.  Please respect the ability for any resident to reserve the park and plan accordingly in advance.  Also, consider your upcoming events and needs and let me know if you have a date you'd like to rent the park (huge perk!).

In addition to the items above, our little free library is almost complete, new signs for the park and lakes areas are in process for being installed and we are on our way to a swimmable beach area for the summer!

Lake maintenance has also begun.  You may have noticed today that the lakes look a bit yucky.  Lakeland is treating and this should clear up soon.  In addition, a few reports have been made for 2 beavers that have made a home in the lake and is eating away at trees.  They also can do major damage to the lake equipment.  I have been able to get live traps set at no charge while allowing us to remove the beavers within legal guidelines.  Hopefully this is resolved soon.  The live traps should be in by the weekend.

Please be thinking about the neighborhood rummage coming up June 27-29th. If you will be participating please send me confirmation as soon as you are able. I’d like to advertise a map again this year of all homes participating to drive traffic, especially to highlight homes not so obvious from the entrances to get a good traffic flow.  I'd also like to ensure we have enough participation to advertise it as a neighborhood rummage.  

Elite seems to be doing a great job managing our financials and administrative work. If you ever run into any issues please be sure to let me know.  Any checks mailed in were delayed in cashing not due to their delay but because the initial set up to get signatures in for the bank account and paperwork to have them set up properly was a lot of work.  We did not begin paying for their services until May 1st, so please know that so far they have been extremely accommodating and flexible to our needs.  The accountant has our financials from last year and is working to close them up for us.  This also has not been left to the side, it has been more of a matter of getting them the documents in person, which is back and forth to drop off (30 mins each way). 

Lastly- as I am preparing the Spring Gazette, let me know if you have a business or item you'd like to advertise.  I'd love to showcase anything you'd like for me to include as well as showcasing any businesses that a neighbor owns or is passionate about.  

More updates to come soon!
Stacie Manna, President

Hidden Lakes Community Association Board
P. O. Box 386
Mukwonago,WI  53149

Park Cleanup and Easter Egg Hunt

The first park clean up will be on April 23rd at 6pm.  In looking at schedules, weekends were not lining up until we are well into May, which will be too late.  We may have to continue the cleanup on May 3rd, but will send out an email update after the 23rd to let you know.  An RSVP is not required to help, but it would be helpful to know in advance if you do plan on being there so we have an idea of how much work we can anticipate to delegate and accomplish that night.
I wanted to send out a quick update for this Saturday's Easter Egg Hunt.  In response to the desire to have more events that are available for any age, this year, we will be changing things up a bit and have a special visitor, the Easter Bunny!  The Easter Bunny will be at the hunt but also available for pictures in a sitting area.  This is not limited to kids!  Stop on down for a picture and bring your pets too, if you'd like!  We will get the picture and can either email you the picture, or you can leave your information for a 4x6 print that will get delivered to within the next day.  There is no charge for the picture, but we will have a bucket for donations of any denomination in which 100% will go to park improvements.
There is no need to RSVP if you will not be participating in the hunt but stop on down for your personalized picture.  We have 31 kids signed up already!  Hopefully the weather cooperates.  If we end up needing to cancel, I will send out an email and update the FB page.  In the event of a cancellation, I will still be down at the park with each child's basket to take home.
Have a great week!
Stacie Manna, President

Hidden Lakes Community Association Board
P. O. Box 386
Mukwonago,WI  53149