Annual Meeting Minutes - April 3, 2012

The April 3, 2012, Annual Meeting was called to order by President, Dave Beres, at 7:07 p.m.  All board members were present.  There were 19 households in attendance. 

Lake Maintenance – Mike Dawicki introduced Joe and Reid from Lakeland Biologists.  Lakeland Biologists is the firm that will be treating our lakes.  Mike did report that last fall, home owners on the Upper Lake got together and paid Lakeland for weed and cat tail treatment since the lake was in bad shape.  Joe and Reid then went over their 3 year lake management plan to help rejuvenate the lakes.  Basically, they plan to aggressively treat and control the nuisance aquatic weeds and algae and maintain and upgrade the air system components (aerators).  The complete 3 year lake management plan and further details on understanding aeration are posted on the website.

2011 Meeting Minutes - Barb Benish read the meeting minutes from May 9, 2011.  Motion to approve the 2011 meeting minutes was made by Joe Schaub and seconded by Dorothy Sievert followed by a unanimous voice vote. 

Park/Maintenance Project – Joe Schaub announced that he is stepping down as the park maintenance coordinator.  He did put together and reviewed (posted on website) the list of maintenance projects that he has done on an annual basis.  He would be available to answer questions if needed.  We thanked Joe for all his hard work and dedication to the Association throughout the years.  Darin Taft, VP, will post information on the website and also talk to a few people to help out with the projects that need to be done.  Randy Johnson said he can donate stone and sand for the park.  

Proposed Bylaw Changes/Updates – Janet McKnight reviewed the highlights of the proposed changes to the Bylaws.  The proposed bylaws are posted on the website prior to the annual meeting so members were able to review them prior to the meeting. 

  • Assessment (dues) for a lot without a house will be 50% of a lot with a home on it.        

In the current bylaws, there was nothing specifying a difference in dues if a lot had a house on it or not.  Looking at past records (80’s-90’s), there was a time when dues for a lot without a home were charged $25 yearly dues.  However, the past 10 years or so, no dues were collected from lots with no homes.  This verbiage will clarify what the dues are for lots with and without a house.

  • If the member does not pay the assessment within 60 days of the due date (March 1), there will be a late charge of $25 due also.  After 4 months delinquency, the association will place a lien on the property with the county for the amount of the fee.        

The previous clause wasn’t as clear to what happens when a member is past due on payment of their annual dues.

  • Change the date of the Annual Meeting to be held in February.        
  • Change the date of when the Annual Dues are collected to March.        

The reason for this proposed change is for better cash flow.   The annual budget needs to be approved by the members at the annual meeting.  Many of our expenses begin in the spring – lake treatment, geese police, park maintenance, etc.   This change would go into effect for the 2013 year.

  • Addition of another officer/board member - VP of Finance.      

This person along with an audit committee would audit the association’s financial records annually.  They would also assist the treasurer in dealing with the budget and to make sure we are in accordance with state tax laws.

  •  No gas motors, including but not limited to boats, snowmobiles, ATV's or other gas operated vehicles may be operated on the lakes.  Electric motors which are in compliance with the state "no-wake" law may be used.  No motorized vehicles are alloed on the lakes from November 1 - April 30 (except licensed contractors authorized and maintnenace vehicles by the board).        

This was changed so snowmobiles and ATV’s don’t drive on the lakes during the winter.

A motion to approve the proposed bylaws was made by Marcia Scharnek provided that they are reviewed by an attorney and deemed that the changes made are legal and wouldn’t jeopardize the Association.  Motion seconded by Mike Dawicki.  Voice vote – 15 yes / 4 no – motion passed.

Voting of Open Board Positions – when Don Anderson stepped down from the Treasurer position late last year because of family health issues, Sandy Jolliff took over the duties as interim Treasurer.  Marilyn Mondloch nominated Sandy Jolliff for the treasurer position followed by a unanimous vote.

Dorothy Sievert nominated Janet McKnight for the VP Finance position followed by a unanimous vote.  

New Website – a new website has been created by Darrell Kreckel.  The address is:  Since we didn’t have internet access at the church hall, we showed a few screen shots of the site.  We will be posting new information periodically, so please visit it.  If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see on the website, please let us know.  There is a link to the email that we created that all board members have access to.

Budget – Sandy Jolliff presented the proposed budget for 2012-2013 (posted on website).  The budget shows that the majority of the listed expenses will be the same with a few up slightly.  The one expense that is new for this year is the dam inspection.  Not knowing what that will cost, Sandy presented 2 proposals. 

  1. Annual dues being $180 with the budget for the dam inspection at $1500.
  2. Annual dues being $200 with the budget for the dam inspection at $4000.

There was discussion regarding the cost of the dam inspection.  Most felt that the $4000 scenario is the best to budget for. Motion was made by Janet McKnight to approve the budget with annual dues being $200 for 2012.  Roy Everett seconded the motion.  Voice vote – 15 yes / 4 no – budget passed.

Please note that the annual budget is based on the yearly expenses.  Since the dam inspection is only needed every 5-10 years, the following year annual dues can be reduced according to funds needed to cover expenses.

Dam Committee – One on the committees the Board felt necessary is a dam committee.  Roy Everett and Randy Johnson agreed to be on the committee.

With no further issues, meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,


Barb Benish, Secretary

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