Lake Condition Update

Dear Hidden Lake Residents:

Last week Reid from Lakeland Biologists came out and we toured the lakes together. He commented that with the low, warm water that the lakes are doing well. He feels that the early treatments, new aerators  and compressor and a weekly meeting with me have made the biggest difference.  
  The treatments on the West lake have been effective and the weeds seem to be dying. On the East lake the invasive weeds are under control.   We did have an unexpected algae bloom on Thursday night and they were here on Friday to treat the lake for that and the few areas of milfoil. There are areas of weeds that look like dense carpets. These are the good weeds as they don't allow other weeds to grow and protect from erosion.

Reid did suggest that this fall all the lake residents rake and remove the weeds in front of their homes. This will reduce the amount of muck and increase the oxygen levels in the water for the fish when the ice comes. If you need a rake or some help maybe we could put together a work crew.

I have been down to the beach and cut the weeds twice and have noticed people down there swimming. About once a week I have had to ask non residents to leave the park, so if you are down there and someone ask for your address please don't be offended. When you are at the park don't be afraid to ask where someone lives and if they are not in our Association please ask them to leave. These are private lakes and park and if the Sheriff comes they will get a ticket for trespassing.
If anyone has questions or comments please e-mail me at dawickiinc@aol.com


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