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Hidden Lakes Association

Wed, Sep 5, 9:06 PM (2 days ago)
Hi Neighbors!

As you are aware, we have an upcoming meeting on Monday regarding the revote of the financials for the dam.  As the correspondence stated, this meeting is being held to resolve a disagreement between the number of votes required  in order to implement a special assessment for the dam.  The meeting is not because the Board believes a quorum was not met, but to satisfy the disagreement between a limited number of association members and the Board of what a quorum is defined as, in the event of a special assessment outside of the annual budget.   This option is the least expensive option to resolve, which is why we have taken this approach.

As a reminder, in order to resolve this matter, we need to have a total of 64 votes (total number of member votes, not total number of approved votes), either in person at the meeting or by proxy.  As a reminder, you can vote by proxy to bypass attendance at the meeting.  Your proxy can either be turned into the park box or sent by mail. 

Just a reminder that the proxies state that they can be mailed and received by this Saturday at the PO Box OR can be submitted to the Drop Box in the Park as late as 6 PM on Sept 9th.   This deadline is quickly approaching, so please consider this as soon as possible if you are intending to vote by proxy.  It is extremely important that all members take the time to vote, in whichever manner you are most comfortable with, in order to resolve this matter.  If we do not receive a minimum of 64 votes, we will need to re-engage our attorney, which will be another added cost that we hope to avoid since this is charged to the association.

We thank you all for your time and consideration and appreciate your help in resolving this matter.  If you already sent your proxy in, please disregard.  If you'd like to verify that yours has been received, please let me know and I am happy to confirm.

Stacie Manna, President

Hidden Lakes Community Association Board
 P. O. Box 386
Mukwonago,WI  53149

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