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AttachmentsWed, May 15, 11:31 PM (9 hours ago)
It is time for an update!  The past few weeks have been busy as we are ending the school year and preparing for summer but also planning out the timeline for our park and improvements. 

Over the next few weeks, the focus will be on cleaning out previous materials that will be replaced and installing the new items such traffic bond for the parking lot and a final clean up of the beach to lay the new sand.  I am excited to share that new mulch was laid tonight in the playground area.  We opted to go with rubber mulch this year to have a bigger return on the investment since this lasts for many years.  Before and after pictures attached!

Please bear with us as we work on these projects. If you visit the park and something appears to be half done or a bit messy, it’s only temporary and is a sign we are between projects. Rest assured, this will not impact the ability to use the park. It is solely a heads up in case something appears messy at the time you are there.  On that note, the park is reserved this Saturday from 11-4pm for a resident event as well as May 27th from 10am-7pm.  Please respect the ability for any resident to reserve the park and plan accordingly in advance.  Also, consider your upcoming events and needs and let me know if you have a date you'd like to rent the park (huge perk!).

In addition to the items above, our little free library is almost complete, new signs for the park and lakes areas are in process for being installed and we are on our way to a swimmable beach area for the summer!

Lake maintenance has also begun.  You may have noticed today that the lakes look a bit yucky.  Lakeland is treating and this should clear up soon.  In addition, a few reports have been made for 2 beavers that have made a home in the lake and is eating away at trees.  They also can do major damage to the lake equipment.  I have been able to get live traps set at no charge while allowing us to remove the beavers within legal guidelines.  Hopefully this is resolved soon.  The live traps should be in by the weekend.

Please be thinking about the neighborhood rummage coming up June 27-29th. If you will be participating please send me confirmation as soon as you are able. I’d like to advertise a map again this year of all homes participating to drive traffic, especially to highlight homes not so obvious from the entrances to get a good traffic flow.  I'd also like to ensure we have enough participation to advertise it as a neighborhood rummage.  

Elite seems to be doing a great job managing our financials and administrative work. If you ever run into any issues please be sure to let me know.  Any checks mailed in were delayed in cashing not due to their delay but because the initial set up to get signatures in for the bank account and paperwork to have them set up properly was a lot of work.  We did not begin paying for their services until May 1st, so please know that so far they have been extremely accommodating and flexible to our needs.  The accountant has our financials from last year and is working to close them up for us.  This also has not been left to the side, it has been more of a matter of getting them the documents in person, which is back and forth to drop off (30 mins each way). 

Lastly- as I am preparing the Spring Gazette, let me know if you have a business or item you'd like to advertise.  I'd love to showcase anything you'd like for me to include as well as showcasing any businesses that a neighbor owns or is passionate about.  

More updates to come soon!
Stacie Manna, President

Hidden Lakes Community Association Board
P. O. Box 386
Mukwonago,WI  53149

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