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Hi Everyone,

This summer is getting away from me!  I hope you all have had time to enjoy it so far with what is most important to you.  The warmer weather and sunshine certainly helps!

I have been attempting to work on an updated Gazette and my time to do so recently has been minimal.  However, I still wanted to send out a few updates to not miss any important details.
  • Party on Saturday- We have unfortunately had many conflicts with the date to make the kids parade happen, so I have decided to cancel the parade solely due to the inability for many to attend.  However, I have heard some people were planning to attend after, so we are going to carry on with the gathering around 5:30-6:00ish.  The hope is to grill out and enjoy some snacks and just relax!  This will still be kid friendly, so stop down whether it be for a short amount of time or to hang out all night!  No fireworks will be had, but feel free to bring any yard games you may have or any other ideas.  Also, please bring your own beverages.  It would also be helpful to know if you plan to come so we have an idea on how much is needed for grilling.  
  • Park projects are wrapping up!  It has been amazing seeing how much use is being had by the park and beach this year.  It definitely took an overhaul and I cant take the credit- we have had a few people who have really taken the lead on the labor part of the process.  Hopefully after this year the focus can be on upkeep and the continued care for the area like we have seen this year.  Final projects include:
    • Install new park sign- done tonight, see picture!  Painting coming soon.
    • Move soccer goals forward for more use and visibility- done tonight, working on obtaining soccer goal nets
    • Installation of XL Park Grill (donated-thank you!)
    • Cementing in the post of the library- currently taken apart but finishing up
    • Installing beach umbrella (donated- thank you!)
    • Painting of the sign posts, benches and shelter is in the works.  The lockbox will come down and the posts will be finished for a new, updated look.
    • Installation of designated fishing and swimming area signs
      • Sidenote- if you are fishing and swimmers join, please be mindful and make room for both to participate.  I have heard of a few families that went down to swim and were unable to due to fishing.  I know with the great people we have here if we are all mindful of it, it can work for both sides
In addition to the projects being completed, Elite has also been a great partner and has sent over to me the financial recaps for May and June.  I have not had a chance to review them this week, but once I can, I will email out the statement as well as have it posted to the website.  It is really great having this visibility in order to prevent any surprises down the line with expenses.  Overall, I believe we are in good shape but will always review and provide any necessary call outs or clarity prior to sending, but you are always welcome to ask questions as well!  

Final notices will be sent out very soon for any homes that have not paid their balance in full.  Please remember that Elite is fully managing the financials and will be consistent on their follow up and fees/liens should payments be outstanding.  Should you need to discuss your payment, reaching out to them directly is preferred as they fully manage this aspect and will need the communication.  Our property manager information is below for anyone that may need it:

Beckie Jornlin

Association Manager

Elite Properties, Inc.

(262) 373-1777 x232

If anyone will have time over the next week or two to distribute the gazette once I have it ready, that would be very helpful!  

Lastly, I am aware that there has been an increased presence by the Waukesha County Sheriff's Department in the subdivision and have had a few concerns come up from residents wondering if there is something to be worried about.  This was not prompted by the board but I want you all to know that I do not have cause for concern and in speaking with them, they have been more present to address items on their own that they have determined (driving of course always being one of them).  Recognizing I do not know everything that may be on their radar, I wanted to at least share that I will always send out a notice if there is something going on that we are aware of and that you should take precautions for.  We have a great relationship with the Sheriff's Dept so I'd like to make sure that you are not alarmed, but more so appreciative that they are so present in our community and give a reminder that a quick thank you as a token of appreciation goes a long way!

Thank you all!

Stacie Manna, President

Hidden Lakes Community Association Board
P. O. Box 386
Mukwonago,WI  53149

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