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I hope you all received the updated gazette and found the information beneficial. Though it takes time to distribute and therefore can only be quarterly, I believe they are needed especially to ensure anyone not on email is kept up to date. You may find some information there repetitive for that reason. Attached is a copy in case you still need one
As you hopefully know by now, Today (Wednesday) we are hosting some very special guests for our version of National Night Out (Hidden Lakes Neighborhood Night Out).  This is an important event that hits home for me and I wholeheartedly believe there is value to it for our children, ourselves as well as our guests we invite in to spend time with us. I will say it was easy getting the local agencies to say yes to participating. They remember us, our neighborhood and our people and that speaks volumes to our community!  This is for all ages and guests are welcome to join you!
The event starts at 6pm at the park. Below is a breakdown of what we have planned:
—> First Hidden Lakes debut of the Sheriffs dept Bearcat (this is their armored truck- how cool!- picture I have from visiting the station a few months ago attached for reference)
—> Vernon Fire Dept
—> DPW dump truck
—> bounce house (sorry, kids only 😇)
—> hot dogs (cooked on our new charcoal grill), chips and juice meals for $3 cash (please try to bring dollars to reduce need for change). All proceeds will be donated back to the association park and activities fund!
—> Beach open for swimming (parents can determine based on weather and ability to supervise)
—> 2 young lady entrepreneurs selling baked goods to get their idea for their very own baking business up and running.  
—> Good company. Friends and family are welcome!
—> Our little free library could use some restocking. Please consider bringing down some books!
—> Joe Schaub will have local ADRC resource information on hand for anyone interested
The parking lot will be closed off to make space for our guests so please plan accordingly and walk down if possible or park on the street. The guests will arrive between 6&630. In addition, please consider bringing cards, pictures, etc that we can send back with our guests to their designated stations to show our support and appreciation. Anything is welcome!
A few more updates while I have your attention:
Please expect an update in the next week on our lake treatment plans and preparing for next season. So far things have been running very smoothly and we are excited to plan out a full season in advance for next year to continue to see the improvement of the quality of the lakes!  I have been reviewing where our lake costs are invested compared to the needs to ensure we are properly planning as well as investing what we have budgeted for the lakes.  This is an important detail I plan to share results out about at the next annual meeting.  In the meantime, I will be transparent on our approach and thoughts along the way as much as I possibly can.
Lastly- the soccer goals have been moved to the location we discussed at the annual meeting. However, after some very helpful and appreciated feedback received, we have deemed these goals as not safe to keep in use and are working on taking them down. Please do not attempt to use them and stay clear of them for safety purposes. We plan to purchase new goals next year that meet current safety measures and criteria to keep everyone’s safety a priority.  If you have the means of helping to disassemble and take out the goals let me know as we could use the help.
Our last project for the year of painting the park benches, shelter and park sign post will be completed within the next 2 weeks!  I am happy to report as it stands today we have completed all of our projects within budget thanks to the donations and volunteered time to make this possible.  It is amazing that $3,000 made the impact it did.  Had we not had donations and volunteers, our costs would have easily reached $5,000.
If you are planning or considering selling your home, please dont hesitate to contact me ahead of listing.  I have a few families I know of personally that are interested in purchasing a home in Hidden Lakes and can help make the connection to save you on realtor costs and bring some great new neighbors into the subdivision.  I am happy to assist here in any way possible and can always send out an email on your behalf with information in advance as well to try to make it as easy as possible for you.  As a sidenote, I do get inquiries from realtors and potential buyers once homes are listed and do everything I can to respond and showcase all of the reasons why a Hidden Lakes home is a great investment.  
The monthly financials are posted on the website under HOA info.  I love getting these each month and hope you find value in seeing each month real time in place of a full report at the annual meeting.  If you believe information would be helpful to add that is not on there, just let me know as we can tweak this however needed to ensure full understanding and transparency.
Please let me know if you have any questions. This event success for tomorrow is based on participation so I hope to see as many people stop down as possible for as little or as long as you’d like. We appreciate your support and look forward to a fun filled evening!
Take care,
Stacie Manna, President

Hidden Lakes Community Association Board
P. O. Box 386
Mukwonago,WI  53149


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